cimp 19, wrestling is pretty much the reason why i stay up late.

i warned you once.

don’t get in my way.


hey to I reached 1.1k which is crazy and I know a lot of it has to do with this giveaway I’m doing and some of them might leave once it’s over but hey. While I still have 1.1k I will relish in it and post a forever follow. Thank you guys for following me for so long and putting up with my blog. You guys are awesome. You now the usual [bolds = baes]

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Look, it’s the Canadian version of Brad and Angelina. 
Only, which one is Brad and which one is Angelina? (x)


So after Raw ended Cena and Ambrose had a cheer off to see who would get louder cheers (Dean won) so Dean gets out the ring to go up the ramp & he’s high-fiving fans and talking to them. On the other hand Cena exits the ring and is high-fiving fans on the left side of the ring. Then all of a…

you know he dead

NXT Favorites (No Order)

Sami Zayn

Favorite Pictures of Prince Devitt: Part 4/?

Favorite Pictures of Prince Devitt: Part 4/?